I Haven't Written Anything for a Week...

I was a kind of lazy to keep writing in English. My purpose to write is to maintain skills to make use of English language. It took over 13 years since I left the United States. I have few opportunities to speak the language with native speakers.

Recently, I have no chance to speak English with even non-native speakers. I just murmur something in English. A method to maintain the skills is;

1, Listen to English broadcasts or watch movies
2, Read English books and speak out words
3, Write something in English
4, Try to think in English

I believe that the world would someday need me and this skills.


Visit to a Grave I Own

Today is a day to go to pray for ancestors in Japan. People in general visit to own graves and sense ancestors' existence. I will go there next week just to avoid running into traffic jams and crowds. My father passed away four years ago. I have sometimes remembered him.

I own a grave in the west side of Tokyo. Three people have been graved there. One is my father. The others are my father's ancle and aunt. An father's uncle was killed in WWII. I met her when I was a kid. I am fated to look after their grave.

Only a thing I anticipate is that there is no one to take care after I am dead. That is because I am still not married and have no kids.


Take life small and slow

I got up in the morning and ate a breakfast. A simple life is very worthy thing in life. We can not find big excitements day by day. A happy person can find many small happiness everyday. We must see what you see right in front of you and appreciate it.

Take life small and slow...It is an great tip for life.


Contiune to write

I try to keep writing in English. I studied English Literature in the University in America. I used to write well, but it is not now. Simply, I haven't tried to continue writing.

To keep doing something is very important. You may not find any good thing out of what you continue to do. You will find it sometime in the future.


Poco a Poco

It is not easy to get back to an old routine. Although a custom is so good that I should continue, I can not change in a short time after I got used to taking new lazy habits. I may be too weak to do it, but I am sure that I must be very strong in order to make a change.

Ichiro, a Japanese baseball player in MLB, achieved more than 200 hits in nine consecutive seasons. What he's great about is that he can repeat the exactly same routine day by day. I think that he is one who can make a change because his mind is strong enough to overcome temptations.

I learned from Ichiro that I continue doing good habits day by day in order to achieve a high goal. I should pay attention to small steps to achieve.

Poco a Poco


I am back!

It's taken a while to come back here! A trip to Russia caused not to write in English. I may became lazier to do so. Now, I decided to write. I believe that the most important thing is to continue.

It seems to be a stress test. When a daily routines collapse, it is not easy to continue same things day by day. For example, you travel to somewhere you haven't been. Can you keep the same routine as you take day by day. Can you really return to the same old routine after you come back home?

I think that it depends on how long you have done. The longer you did, the more steady the routine is . Otherwise, you need to work on making tasks routine really hard!


Michael Schumacher is Not Back!

It is a pity! He will not be in a race on August 23, 2009. The reason is that his injury was not healed enough to drive Formula One cars. I really wanted to see him driving in a real race again!


Michael Schumacher is Back!

Michael Schumacher will return to Formula One GP! European GP takes place in Spain on August 23, 2009. We will drive that race! It's been three years after the last race of 2006 season that he retired from F1. Who does not want to see him driving the most cutting-edge Formula One car?

Do you think he win European GP?
Italian: about 57%
Japanese: about 78%

How do you think about it?


Expensive Election for the House of Representatives in Japan

TGIF...Thanks God, It's Friday.

The Prime Minister, Taro Aso, will release a manifest this Friday. An election fro the House of Representatives will take place on August 30, 2009. The method of this election is the electoral system of single-seat constituencies and proportional representation. One of the biggest problems in Japanese elections is cost! To win an election you need to spend more than USD100,000 to 160,000 at least. It sounds like only rich people can stand for elections!


My Favorite Movies

I love movies that teach me lessons for life.

My Favorite Movies
1 Rudy
2 Appollo 13(Lost Moon)
3 Forest Gump
4 Mr. Destiny
5 Star Wars
6 Field of Dreams
7 In the Name of Father
8 Big
9 Joe Versus Volcano
10 Der Himmel über Berlin

Those are movies that changed my life in the past. It was very hard to put them in order. They are in fact all number one!


Almost Fetal Damage

I am in trouble suddenly. My Laptop PC shut down when I was typing. Why? When a battery gets worn out, some power supply troubles sometimes happen unexpectedly. After struggling with turning it on again in hours, finally it came back. I was paled because I thought that I lost important data.

For business people, performances turn out to be 50% without PC. Losing data may have the impact of a fetal damage. It is very important for us to maintain own PCs because we can't live without PCs!


Things go forward

If you concentrate on my way of life, you may see your own path ahead of you. There are so many other ways of living. Also, you may have millions of choices in life. If you have an initiative to control your life, you may decide 80% of your direction. The rest might be controlled by God or something that you can't control. What kind of decisions did you make? Were they good or bad? Today, what is your policy to make a decision?



When you manage a production line, you may easily get confused by a large amount of work. One way to simplify this kind of confusion is to concentrate on QCD.

Q= Quality
C= Cost
D= Delivery

These are three big matters in productions. Who doesn't like quick delivered, reasonable, good-quality products? This is the way to satisfy any kind of customers. Moreover, we sometimes call it SQCDM as well.


Of course, the safety and morale of factories are the most important thing for worker!



PDCA Management Cycle is one of the most basic theories for managers. If you make use of PDCA Management Cycle, you can handle any kind of projects and business to achieve goals well.


You just take one by one in order. After you finish A, you are supposed to work on a new P that comes from the first PDCA. You don't have to make a big progress or a revolutionary change at once. All you have to do is just to go round and round until the cycles make a big difference the sooner or the later.


Numerical Targets

In order to achieve long term goals, I take advantage of numerical targets. Numbers have mysterious power for our brain to understand the world objectively. As sports results you may find how far you reach on the way to achieve goals.

How can I work on tasks for long term goals with a good endurance? One way to do so is to make a point system for tasks related to long term goals. Without it, it is hard to endure to make an effort. It seems to measure lap times in a marathon race or gain points for the championship of a car race!


The First Time to Go

In this summer, I plan to go to Russia for the first time. I have been in many different places in Japan and the world. Before I reach at a virgin land for me, I study two things, history and language. To study history inspires me to understand the thought and characteristic of people there.

So, I study Russian and Russian history everyday. Russia is a neighbor to Japan and Finland! The most interesting thing I learned from my study is that their political ideas such as centralization and federation were influenced by Mongolians or Nomads who had threatened and ruled Russians.

It is more interesting than I thought for me to study Russia and the Central Asia!


TOC Theory of Contraints

TOC is the abbreviation of "Theory of Constraints". Prof. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, an Israeli physicist, expressed this theory in a novel called "Goal". Our activities are constrained by a bottleneck. For example, when four people are working together to produce products, three of them can finish each part in a minutes, but it takes 2 minutes to do his part. This product can be output every two minutes. Although three people can do 60 pcs per hour, the other person can make only 30 pcs in an hour.

If you want to know about it, why don't you read "The Goal" or books about "Theory of Constraints"?


Failure is not an Option

On July 21, 1969, humans landed on the surface of the moon for the first time in history. 40 years passed by.

I bought a book called "Failure is not an Option". I thank to Amazon that I can easily buy American book as if I were in the United States. This book was written by Gene Kranz, the flight director of Apollo Project. The title was quoted from his statement in the mission of Apollo 13. That was the toughest mission to manage in the history of the space. I want to study how he encountered with the most difficult situation and know who he is.

I have not finished to read it....It may take a little while. If you are not able to wait for comments、why don't you buy one for yourself. I promise that you never get regret.


Unemployment Rates in Japan

As many other countries, unemployment rates in Japan have been raising this year. Many part-time works have already lost jobs since October in 2008. This year more full-time workers may lose jobs!

2009 Japan
Jan. 4.1%
Feb. 4.4%
Mar. 4.8%
Apr. 5.0%
May. 5.2%

The quarterly earnings of American companies have been released this month. So far, the most of them have showed satisfactory results. On the other hand, unemployment rates in the U.S. have been going up as Japan.

2009 the U.S.
Jan. 7.6%
Feb. 8.1%
Mar. 8.5%
Apr. 8.9%
May. 9.4%
June 9.5%
At this point economy seems to be recovering by the way that companies cut employment fees. I don't think that it is just the first stage of recovery.


Rest to Reset

I've done nothing at all for a whole day.
My mind turns out to be empty.
I feel like forgetting everything.
And I had a good rest to reset!


Next Japanese Prime Minister?

Who will the next Japanese Prime Minister be? Liberal Democratic Party becomes more and more chaotic internally. The party lost the Tokyo Metropolitan Election in 2009 against Democratic Party, the second biggest party. The member of LDP accuses of the Prime Minister, Taro Aso about the present situation.

Japanese senior people tend to say "Don't blame for someone else. Don't excuse. You should blame yourself and apologize to others." In politics, nobody does so. Especially, LDP blames the Prime Minister for losing LDP polls. Is it right?

In three years the Prime Minister of Japan has been changed three times. LDP chose one who is the most popular person at that time. Aso is one of them. He is in fact chosen by LDP! The people of Japan only think that LDP is no longer worth voting for. I say to LDP "Blame on you and wake up!" Is there an ideal leader to be the next Prime Minister of Japan?


Ryou Ishikawa in British Open

Ryou Ishikawa is still seventeen years old. He loves to play video games. An only thing he differs from teenager in general is that he is a professional golf player with an amazing career. He won a tournament in 2007 against professional players and he began participating in the Japanese Tournament in 2008. His career winning is 3, but he is still seventeen years old. On 2009.1.16, he takes part in British Open and was fortunately pared with Tiger at least in the first two days of the game! He is not only an excellent golf player but also a lucky guy.

Birthday: 1991.9.17
Hight: 173cm
Weight: 71kg
Career: the Second Year
Career Winning: 3


MLB All Star Game!

I have a chance to watch MLB All Star Game this year. Thanks god for having a little work!? I really want to go watch the game someday. I am very excited to see all stars at once! Who does not like to watch a high-level game with excellent players?

Ichiro takes a part in All Star Game for 9 straight years. He is worth being admired! The greatest thing about him is stability. He can make satisfactory results in nigh years since he jointed to MLB nigh years ago. I must learn his way to make solutions against many adversities he experienced.


Liberal Demoratic Party

The dominating party in Japan for more than 50 years may break down from the inside. The Prime Minister Taro Asou has been pressured by his party to resign. The last two prime ministers who lasted only a year caused an anti-LDP mood in Japan.

I believe that LDP should not change a Prime Minister Asou at this point. That is because to swap a prime minister within a year is a main reason they lost a support from voters. It is easy for LDP to pressure a prime minister to resign, but hard for LDP to regain votes.... They should think how to be trusted from voters!


Fomula One Grand Prix in Germany 2009

Mark Webber won the Formula One race that took place in Germany for the first time. He jointed to F1 eight years ago and he finished 5th place in the first race in his home race in Australia. Like Jason Button who won for the first time this year, he struggled with his career in spite that he was so talented to win if he got a good package.

Red Bull Racing also stuff did a good job in these two races. They have a reputation that the team has great engineers, skillful drivers, and excellent strategist. I think that the most important thing for a team is stuff. Every one of them works hard and makes use of creativities fully, and then they can achieve goals that people in general think is impossible to reach!


The Election of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly

Today, the election of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly took place! The unstable Japanese Government could be influenced by the result of this election. I, of course, went to vote. I wished that the dominate party lost in this election because it might cause dramatic changes in politics!

The voting rate exceeded 50%. More people turned out to be interested in the politics after the society became economically and politically frustrated . Now, Japanese start to notice that the politics is the framework of our life!


more tired than I thought...

This is Saturday so that I got up little late. I had heard that a mobile phone's alarm rang many times until its battery ran out. How tired am I? I can keep sleeping a whole day if I am allowed to stay on bed.

From June to mid-July the climate in almost all part of Japan become rainy and humid. It is called Tsuyu. Food easily gets spoiled and grows moldy. I guess that humidity makes me more tired than I think. I make use of air conditioners to dehumidify an atmosphere to keep rooms clean and comfortable.


Not eating a dinner

I try to get up at 4 am, but the reality is that I can't make it. It is caused by going to bed late. For example, I was able to turn off a room light after the midnight because I came back from work at 0:00.

One thing I can improve yesterday was to go to bed without eating a supper. 10 years ago, I got up at 4 o'clock in the morning every single day. Those days when I went back home after 10 pm , I ate nothing. In this way, I slept well and kept my shape slim enough!


Nothing Special

There is nothing special to talk about here. I get to do so many things today, too. I really want to finish as many matters as I planned. However, the reality is that there are too many left-overs to clean up all in a day...

Anyway, another day starts and it will be gone after many struggles at work and in the private life. That is a way it is. Hey, don' just write those things here. Just do it!


When I was sleeping,...

When I was sleeping, the Michael Jackson's Ceremony took place at Staple Center in Los Angeles. His coffin was carried to the ceremony by blocking the Californian heavy traffic highway. It sounds like the memorial service of the president of the United States of America.

He is definitely the king of pop and lived in our age. I listened to his music when I was a junior high school student. The promotion video of "Thriller" and "Beat it" was sensational and influential so that it became a part of creativity.


I got up late!

Since "Meza New Project" to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning started, I got up latest this morning. It is caused by watching TV until the midnight last night. You know, watching TV randomly is really fan! May my will be to achieve this project too weak to get up on time.

If nothing makes me happy, I would not stand against many adversaries. Fan things are very important, but we should not let fan things affect me to be lazy! I think that the most important thing is a balance!



I gotta go to a medical checkup in this morning. A doctor said that I can't eat anything at all before a medical examination. I am accustomed to eat a lot of breakfast every morning. Without breakfast, my brain can't be active enough to deal with many matters I have to do in the morning.
Now, I am leaving to a hospital. I wanna finish the checkup ASAP because I can eat breakfast. I am very hungry...



Since I started my challenge to get up at 4 o'clock in the morning, I've been feeling that I have more time to spend in a day. Especially on Saturday and Sunday, activities in the morning allow me to create time to do things that I should have done for a long time.

Anyway, I enjoy managing how to use time. I am very excited to think about the decision of priorities. I used to be bad at it, but this skill has been improved due to exercises day by day. We al l know that time for a person is limited, but we meantime waste a lot of time just by not knowing how to use time efficiently.


Micheal Jackson

Since he was gone, there has been no day not to see Michael on TV. He was a musician who contributed to the music history. He was a superstar who left a great amount of money. And the more people are interested in him and his death, the more famous he becomes and the more money he makes.

I listen to his music before "bad". That is maybe because his music was changed after "thriller" from creativities to screams from the bottom of his heart. I guessed that, after he made a fortunate
by mega hits, he experiences the ugly side of humans that a lot of greedy rats surrounded him and try to bite his assets. His innocent heart might be broken since then. Now, a shameful [disgraceful] dispute over an inheritance has been going on.


Meza New Project 2

I seem to be changed! I become an early bird. As I wrote yesterday, I launched a project called "Meza New Project" that I got up at 4 o'clock in the morning and watch a TV program called "Meza New" broadcasting from 4 am. In fact, it is not easy to adjust myself to get up very early.

I succeed to get up at 4 o'clock only one time in four days. However, I got up 5 to 6 o'clock in the morning everyday. It is a kind of unbelievable because I was just suffered from insomnia last week. The sunshine I see by getting up early is better than one I saw after staying up a whole night.


I got up little late...

I got up little later than I planned. I launched a project called "Meza New Project" that I get up at 4 am. and turn on a Japanese early morning TV program called "Meza New". This is the third day of the project. I succeeded 1 time out of three.

It is a little hard for me to adjust myself to such a life pattern. That is because my workload is sometimes unstable and random. I am an independent business owner. It is different from an office worker definitely. Anyway, I keep trying to accomplish this project!


I was screwed up!

Yesterday, I was terribly screwed up. I got up at 4 am successfully and finished 80% of my tasks in the morning! It was an amazing result for me. However, there is a side effect. I got tired and drove a car. And...

I did not know that I could not make a right turn there... A wired policeman who sounds like taking a drug stopped me on a street. A fine was 7000yen! It is as much as my food expense in half a month! I was screwed up...


I got up very early!

I got up very early! It really means that I slept for few hours and got up to initiate a day at 4 o'clock in the morning. Yesterday, I wrote that I might be insomnia. It may be not wrong. An improvement I achieve from the last night to this morning was that I was able to go to bed before 1 am.

I still have to work on my sleep pattern. It might cause my work and private life harmed. I still can't accept that I was suffered from such a thing in spite that I used to be good at sleeping anywhere and anytime. Anyway, I have to face it and solve it as soon as possible.


Another Sleepless Night

I haven't realized that I may be insomnia! I don't know why I am not able to fall in sleep in the night. Until few years ago, I was good at sleeping anywhere. Sleepless nights waste energy out of my body, or do not let my body store energy.

This problem must be solved in a short time. It might cause serial damages on my job! I don't want to allow this situation to harm my life! I have to adjust priorities between tasks to do everyday and time to go to bed by shutting up these tasks!


How to Use Sunday

I went through a sleepless night and started writing a blog because I had been too tired to stay in a bed. Yesterday, I wrote about "How to Use Saturday", so I must write something about Sunday now.

I use Sunday as the first day of a week. I prepare for a new week as a professional worker and start from something related to my personal life. A main preparation is to decide the goals and plans of a week. This action affects my brain to separate a week that ended until Saturday and a coming week that just begins.

I also do personal things to start a week to tell my heart and soul that time belongs to my personal life, not my professional career only. This is one of the most important rituals to realize my life as a personal belonging. This action also affects me to refresh my mind to let myself ready for a new week!


How to Use Saturday

What is the best way to use Saturday? I have been wasting Saturday in these two months. I stayed at clients' office too long to drive back to Tokyo on Friday. I spent another day in Gunma and drive back to Tokyo in the Saturday midnight. As a result, I meantime waste Sunday.

In this week, I spend Saturday at home in Tokyo because I left my clients' office early and drove back to Tokyo. I feel like today is Sunday! I feel like I gain a day! For me, I want to use Saturday as the end of a week. It is a day to summarize a week and work on delayed tasks to follow up!

bad things and good things

I woke up late! I had a little trouble last night and worked on it. So, I stayed up late. I jumped out of bed and took a shower. After I bought a breakfast at Seven Eleven, I drove on a road to my clients' office. On the way, I was stuck in a traffic caused by a construction on a road.... After I went through it, things got better.

I had one of difficult tasks in front of my clients. I demonstrated a time management in front of my clients as a consultant. I have not done it for a year since I established my own business. Anyway, I succeeded it with a good performance. They seem to satisfy it! My job, consulting, is for my clients to feel worth with my lectures and demonstrations.


I don't know why...

I don't know what happened to me. Smoothly, I get up at 7 o'clock! I had been suffering from facing sleepless nights and falling in a sleep in the morning in these four nights. I canceled Monday's schedules because of it.

I drove a car to Gunma last night and went to bed late around 3 0'clock. However, things seem to be changed. I woke up at 7 as if such sleepless nights never exist. Is this just because a place to sleep is changed from Tokyo to Gunma? I don't know why...



Yes, I can! I mean that I am going to improve my life cycle. I am suffering from sleepless nights. I get sleepy in the morning. I waste time in the morning that causes my work performance lower. This is the most severe situation to harm my professional life.

Is my will weak? Is my mentality not strong enough to overcome my weakness? Anyway, I must fight against it! I must dream to go over! I try to cheer myself up in this blog! That is my best effort at this point. I guess that it is not easy for anyone to overcome own weakness.



Last night, I turned on an air conditioner as the mood of "dehumidify". I had struggled with sleepless nights and fatigue. By dehumidifying the air, I feel good in the morning. The most of regions in Japan turn into a rainy season called "Tsuyu".

We have to be very careful to deal with health. Food easily gets spoiled. The air often gets moldy. The most important things in Tsuyu are 1)to eat food in a short time, 2) to dehumidify the air inside a house, and 3) to wipe out water on surface. Don't feel blue! Enjoy rainy days!


Even though..

Even though I have to get up early tomorrow morning, I am not able to go to bed. I have so many things that must be done tonight. I am supposed that I can give up many of those. A part of my perfectionist appears and insists me to finish all.

I sometimes struggle in between opposing things. That is because I try to do too many things to achieve. I know that one person can do a certain amount of work in a day. I guess that I push myself to do more. Only a thing I don't know is this kind of attitudes is correct or false.


I stay up late.

I stay up late. I slept much in a daytime on Saturday. So, I can't fall in sleep! I rather enjoy night time than try to sleep. I watched F1 GP in Great Britain and Spain vs. S.Africa in Confederation Cup in South Africa. I really enjoyed them!

My lifecycle is completely corrupted. I must do something about it! I know that it is not good for my body. If I decide that to adjust my lifecycle as No.1 Priority, I know I can make it. However, I have other things considered as higher priorities.

I must decide my action!



This week, I experienced a lot of bad incidents. Last night, I got a stomachache. It was very hard one. I woke up at 4am and found it out! I jumped into a toilet several times. I was not able to sleep enough....

Friday's works are always very hard. I have two important meetings. I am very responsible for the progress and achievement of those. I often run out of energy in the night. Tonight, I came back at 12:43am. No energy left! I write this blog and finish the day. A good thing is that my stomachache is gone!


I don't know why

I got up late! However, I tried to do the same things as usual. That means I must finish each task quicker such as eating breakfast, brushing tooth, taking a shower and so on. I jumped in my car, but the traffic on the way to go to my client is not desirable. I don't know why, when I have to reach somewhere quickly, I am often stuck in slow traffic! And I got there...


Another Day in Countryside

I got up this morning no in Tokyo but Gunma. More Accurately, I am in Numata, the northern part of Gunma Prefecture. This place is surrounded by mountains. I rather say that Numata and Minakami, the next town, are on mountains.

I love to stay countryside as I wrote in a previous blog. Do you know the color of Green is good for your eyes? So, if your eyes get tired, why don't you go to a mountain to be surrounded by the color of green? The color of green stands for eco. Are you saving energy consumptions for the earth?

(Picture: Tsukiyono Minakami Gunma)


Japanese Economy in June

As the world-wide economy, Japanese economy seems to rise little by little. My friends who lost jobs found a new place to work. The sooner or the later, companies may start investing for new business that becomes successful on the way to recover the economy.

A thing that I worry about is banks. If they keep closing doors to the small and middle-size business, more companies may bankrupt. I know some companies around me still fight with this hardship. About me, a new business reaches at a place where two roads spread in front of me. I must choose one and step ahead with a positive mind.


Get out of here!

I have nothing good to write about today. I got up this morning with the feeling of a fatigue. Am I sick? I try hard to care my body, but it sometimes doesn't work. I own a private business without any employee and am not married. So, I have to do everything! I mean everything.! It is so hard to keep going this way. Before things get worse, I have to get out of this situation!


Recently, I go to work in Minakami, Gunma two or three days a week. The contrast between Tokyo and Minakami are vivid. Minakami is a countryside surrounded by mountains and has many hot springs. For me, that place is a healing for a body and mind. I sometimes visit a hot spring to relax myself.

I am writing this blog in Tokyo. The Minakami's landscape dwells in my mind. I can visualize it very clearly and feel the air. I also love to live in Tokyo where many people and buildings jump into my eyes. This is a stimulus for me to be inspired. For business, speed and creativity in Tokyo help me finding a new path to go ahead. The both of a countryside and Tokyo are necessary for me to live and work well.


I am still in Gunma although I planned to go back to Tokyo last night. I try to relax myself and relieve my body from a fatigue. One way to refresh myself is Onsen, spa. I love to a Roten Furo, a bathtub located outside. I enjoy myself by looking at trees and landscapes and breathing fresh air.

I also love to play horse racing. The beauty of horses attracts me. Meantime, by betting money on horses, I concentrate on picking horses that may win races. Things like work, personal problems, and so on, are vanished during the time of races. By thinking about something else, my mind is refreshed. Last week, Vodka, the strongest female horse in Japan won the Yasuda Memorial, 1600m Turf! In last 100m, she made a spurt and passed all male horses!


I worked extremely hard in two days. I fell in sleep without turning off the light. Oh my god! I was really exhausted. Anyway, I've been recovered by sleeping long and deep enough. For human, sleeping is the most effective way to heal a body and mind. Today is another day to challenge something new!

A picture on the left is a ceremony in Tokyo Horse Park after Yasuda Memorial Race. A winning jokey, Yutaka Take, Yukina Kinoshita, Golgo, Red, Mieharu, and ex-femail jokey, Junko Hosoe jointed in the center of a padoc.


Things sometimes go wrong, but it's rather safe.

This week, I am in odd passage of time. I gain no profit, but lose nothing. I feel like that I am trapped in the middle of nowhere. In two years, I lost much. What have I gained in two years? Considering a situation with a chain of loss from 2007, I rather feel happy about it! The passage of time may be changed. No gain makes me feel sad, it is rather safe!

Today is another day to make things better. I know that I should not regain things I lost in two years. What I just need to do is to gain something new little by little.



I am in Numata, Gunma! I drove a car from Tokyo to Gunma in 1.5 hours last night. Numata, the north part of Gunma, is surrounded by mountains such as Akagi, Tanigawa and others. The contrast of landscapes between the center of Tokyo and the northern Gunma stimulates my feelings and emotions everytime I come here.

I used to live in a countryside although I was born and grew in Tokyo. I lived in Nakajo, Niitaga for two years. and Tabuse, Yamaguchi for four years. Both towns have the population of about 30,000. I love a countryside maybe because I often visited my father's home village when I was a child. It is a small village with less than 100 people.

Today is another to enjoy the landscape with many mountains!


Sleepless Night

I recently have a hard time to sleep in the night. I feel uncomfortable to see bright light sneaking through curtains on bed. It is a biggest issue that I must make a change. Gradually, it harms my health.

The lifecycle is one of the most important thing for human beings to manage his or her physical and mental conditions. Although I know it, I still struggle to finding a way to solve it. Today is another day...so, I need to try something to fall in sleep in the night!


What am I gonna write about?

This is the second day of writing blogs in English. I usually release two articles to Ameblo in Japanese everyday. So, I feel a kind of running out of ideas. I believe that the most important thing is to keep trying, so I just write something here at this point.

I may find some themes to write here the sooner or later. I tell myself that this is just the second day. Even though I do not know what to write, I feel some content just to type in Enlish. It reminds me of old days in the United States as a student. I read so many books and wrote a number of reports!


I just finished setting up this blog page. It's been a quite long time not to try to write in Enlish. I studied hard in an American university over fifteen years ago. It was very hard time for me to comprehended the worldwidely most-used language academically. Out of school, I also struggled in understanding slugs and common expressions often used in everyday's life.

I here started writing a dairy in Enlish. I may miswrite sometimes grammatically and misspell very often. I believe that the most important thing is to touch with this language and keep trying something that enhances my possibilities for a future career.
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